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NING CAI - director, actor

Mongolian (Ethnic minority of China) Born in 1963 in China's Inner Mongolian Horqin grasslands. In 1986 Ning Cai graduated from Shanghai Drama Academy in Acting, and went on to perform in a number of plays, films and TV shows. He has been honored with the Plum Blossom Award, China's top dramatic prize for theater, in addition to other awards. He also performed the lead role in Heavenly Grassland for which he won Chinese cinema's highest honor, the Golden Rooster Award for Best Actor. Though successful in his acting career he sought also to express to the world stories of lives, circumstances and culture of his people. In 1998 he graduated from the Director's program at Beijing Film Academy, and in 2000 began working for the Inner Mongolia Film Studio, developing acting and directing projects.

NA RENHUA - actress and producer

Born into a traditional Mongolian family, Na Renhua was, at the age of 13, hand-picked to take a lead role as a young athlete in what was to become a major hit film. With some 8 films to credit, she entered Beijing Film Academy in 1982 to further her mastery of the art of acting. She went to England in 1988, benefiting from both Brimingham University and the National Film School in the pursuit of expanding her horizon to film direction and production with the aim of fully understanding the art of film and filming.

Na Renhua returned to China in the late 1990s and immediately resumed her career in the film circle. She collaborated with some of the best professionals in producing highly claimed TV dramas and feature films where she sometimes appeared as principle actor as well. She has also taken an active part in producing series for the education of children, most notably the world-renowned Sesame Street.

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