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Security Council Steps up Fight Against Sexual Violence in Conflic
allAfrica / UN-News service 16.12.2910
COMMISSION VERITE ET RECONCILIATION AU BURUNDI : Relever les défis d`une société fortement polarisée
mardi 10 novembre 2009 par Jean-Claude Mubisharukanywa
- Burundi Information
New era of reconciliation - Relief Web 30.04.09 - Source: European Commission - Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO)
Muyinga Massacre Convictions a Victory - allAfrica: Human Rights Watch (Washington, DC) PRESS RELEASE 24 October 2008. Posted to the web 25 October 2008
Transitional Justice Consultations Expected Jan 2009 - allAfrica: Hirondelle News Agency (Lausanne) 15 October 2008 - Posted to the web 17 October 2008
Burundi massacre trial begins 14/10/2008 22:11 - (SA) -
Rwanda: State Angered By Ndayizeye Comments On 1994 Genocide- The New Times 02.09.08. - allAfrica
Country Denies UN Allegations Over Transitional Justice Arrangement- allAfrica - Hirondelle News Agency 02.06.08
Military Court Refuses to Try Muyinga Massacre Suspects - allAfrica - Hirondelle News Agency 03.06.08
Talks to try Burundian Genocide suspects begin - New Times (Rwanda)19.04.08
IBUKA wants Burundian Genocide suspects prosecuted - New Times (Rwanda) 14.04.08
Burundi: War Crimes May Go Unpunished - April 12, 2008 03:18 AM - AfricanPath 12.04.2008 / based on the Human Rights Watch report of Des. 2003
Ulster Peace, Reconciliation Experts Brief Burundi President- University of Ulster Online - 04.04.2008
Death Squad in Country - an Embarrassing Issue - Burundi Réalités 05.03.08 -
Burundi leader meets FNL rebel boss in peace drive - Reuters 17.06.07
Security Council Urges Measures to Bring Rights Violators to Justice- UN News Service 30.05-07
Rwanda: Commission to Probe Habyarimana Plane Crash - The New Times 31.03.07
Little truth and no reconciliation - Guardian Unlimited 22.12.06
JUSTICE AT A STANDSTILL - International Justice Tribune06.11.06
Independent Human Rights Expert Appeals for Tolerance in Burundi - UN News Service 03.11.06
Opposition questions independence of proposed truth commission and criminal court - 04 Apr 2006 16:21:33 GMT - Source: IRIN Independent Human Rights Expert Appeals for Tolerance in Burundi
Burundi ministers expelled from Hutu opposition party - Reuters South Africa 02.04.06
Burundi has talks to form reconciliation body - iol 01.04.06
Top UN legal expert begins talks in Burundi on justice and reconciliation - UN News Centre 28.03.06
Burundi's main Hutu party pulls out of government - Reuters 25.03.06
Towards what reconciliation? - Amnesty International USA 24.03.06
Work With U.N. on Justice and Reconciliation - Human Rights Watch 23.03.06
Burundi frees last batch of political prisoners - Reuters 14.03.06
Burundi government to punish perpetrators - iol 28.02.06 - Cape Times 28.02.06
Burundi releases 780 political prisoners - Pravda 14.02.06
Release of political prisoners sparks debate - IRIN 11.01.06
Prisoners released in reconciliation drive - iol 10.01.06
Burundi's leader ignores Tutsi memorial - 24.10.05
UN and Burundi will start preparatory talks on post-conflict Truth Commission - UN News service 14.10.05
Truth process not set, but Burundi's church begins reconciliation - Catholoc News Service 04.10.05
Reconciliation - Cameroon Tribune (Yaionde´) 23.08.05
The IMC urges Burundi 's political circles to give guarantees for reconciliation - ONUB 09.08.05 (pdf document)
Government pleased with UN resolution on truth commission - IRIN 22.06.05
Security Council asks Annan to begin talks on truth commission, special court- UN News Service 20 June 2005
Security Council Briefed On Proposed Truth Commission for Burundi - UN News Service (New York) June 15, 2005
Give a Tag to Genocide Perpetrators - MP Rugira - The New Times (Kigali) April 25, 2005
Annan recommends dual inquiries on genocide NAIROBI, 29 Mar 2005 (IRIN)
UN Mission Recommends Truth Commission Plus Special Chamber in Burundi's Courts
UN News service - March 28, 2005
Burundi to establish truth commission- Thursday, January 6, 2005,
ONUB welcomes draft law on Truth and Reconciliation Commission- 2 September 2004
Burundi moves to set up South African-style truth commission - BUJUMBURA, Aug 31 (AFP) (ReliefWeb)
War crimes "may go unpunished", says Human Rights Watch-
IRIN 22.12.2003
Report: Everyday Victims: Civilians in the Burundian War - December 2003
Six Murder Suspects of WHO Representative Set Free - allAfrica - Hirondelle News Agency (Lausanne) - 14 July 2008 - Posted to the web 16 July 2008
Colonel Vital Bangirimana is at Large - Burundi Réalités 20.01.08 - 21.01.08

Dr. Kassy Manlan Assassination Lawsuit Postponed
allAfrica - Burundi Réalités 21.03.07

Abarundi 15.05.05
Autopsie d'un meurtre:
Abarundi 15.05.05
Death sentence for killers of WHO official - IRIN 05.05.05
Four to die in Burundi over WHO envoy's murder
Netscape News 04.05.2005

Cloud Over Former Burundi Leader Adds to Uncertainty
SouthScan (London) ANALYSIS January 28, 2005

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Slain British aid worker's family pleads for justice after massacre - CNN 28.12.2010