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23.08.2010 “A Step Backwards” – Torture and other Ill-Treatment by Burundi’s National Intelligence Service - Amnesty International
05.04.1995 Burundi: Extremists silence the moderate politicians - The Indipendent
18.12.2008 Rwanda: How the genocide happened - BBC
24.01.2009 Civil Wars Threaten To Deforest Burundi - ASNS News Saturday
  Restoring Burundi - Micro-Finance Project to Poor Communities in Burundi - YouTube
11.03.08 From 'Happiness' to 'I fear them,' Burundian names tell a history of bad times and good - The Associated Press
03.12.07 UN says Burundi rebels are arming child soldiers - By DANIEL K. KALINAKI, The EastAfrican 
28.11.07 A Massive Dose of Ethnicity Can Not Cure an Ethnic Cancer - The New Times (Kigali) -
02.10.2007 Church warning about rising tide of conflict in Burundi - By Ecumenical News International
25.09.07 Risk of Conflict in the D.R. Congo - Never Again .
08.02.07 Burundi needs peace,unity and reconciliation - African Path
25.10.06 Burundi's own Romeo and Juliet story - Chrustian Science Monitor
13.10.2006 East Africa: Cry Tanzania. Cry the beloved country -The New Times (Kigali)
13.10.2006 Rwanda: Is the Democratic Republic of Congo Back to the Past? - allAfrica: The New Times (Kigali); OPINION
28.08.06 Burundi President Tells a Strange Story - allAfrica, The Nation (Nairobi)
09.05.06 Central Africa: Growth in Great Lakes Economies Stretches Demand for Fuel - allAfrica, The Nation (Nairobi)
10.02.06 Africa is Caught in a Web of Political 'Renewals' That Bring No Real Change - allAfrica - Daily Nation
09.01.2006 GREAT LAKES: Year in Review 2005 - Returnees and refugees - IRIN
02.12.05 Returnee children face language obstacles in schools - IRIN
28.10.05 Rusesabagina urges U.S. help for Africa By DAVID PITT - CNEWS
08.08.05 Meet Burundi's President In-Waiting, Pierre Nkurunziza - The New Times (Kigali)
  CRISIS PROFILE: Can peace take root in war-weary Burundi? -15 Jul 2005 Source: AlertNet - By Alex Whiting
06.07.2005 Letter From Africa - Around Ruined Zimbabwe, Neighbors Circle Wagons - By MICHAEL WINES, TheNew York Times International
27.06.05 The Doctrine of Humanitarian Intervention & The Neo-Colonial Implications of its Revival in our Unipolar World, Jim Harding, WTI -
28.04.97 Will the Truth Set Them Free?
By Don L. Boroughs | U.S.News
27.02.05 Building on the strength of 'Hotel Rwanda' -- and hope(Spud Hilton - San Francisco Chronicle )
22.02.04 Ex-rebels die of hunger in cantonment site (IRIN)
21.02.05 GREAT LAKES: Call for special fund for war-torn region (IRIN )
25.11.04 China's business links with Africa - A new scramble- JOHANNESBURG - From The Economist print edition
28.10.2004 Oil Exploration in Africa - Oil fry - | CAPE TOWN - From The Economist print edition. - The continent is tempting small independent explorers.
18.10.2004 EXPERT POLL-Is Congo sliding into war? - By Genevieve Butler - BRUSSELS (AlertNet) Reuters,
With the international spotlight on high-profile hotspots such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Sudan’s Darfur region, NGOs are increasingly concerned that conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo may be allowed to escalate unchecked, threatening to unravel the country's fragile peace process.
01.10.2004 ANALYSIS-African conflict seen rooted in environment - JOHANNESBURG (Reuters)
Many conflicts in war-torn Africa are rooted in increasingly parched and degraded land exacerbated by global warming, the first of a series of U.N. regional checkups of the planet's health found
09.09.2004 CRISIS PROFILE: Why Burundi massacre is fanning fears of regional war - Reuters AlertNet
What does bloodshed at a refugee camp near the Burundi capital have to do with Congo and Rwanda?
20.10.2004 Old grievances, fresh graves; From The Economist Global Age
17.08.04 Burundi massacre highlights ‘cycle of impunity’ LONDON (AlertNet)
12.10.2004 Rush for natural resources still fuels war in Congo - Reuters
10.10.2004 Region Plans Congo Railway - - allAfrica
08.05.2004 Burundi population deprived of healthcare.- News-Medical in Miscellaneous (News - News-Medical.Net)