The history of Burundi is on these pages presented in three ways:

1. The Historical oveview shows in 3 tables the historical events and periods from 1600 to today.  

2. The History as presented on Internet by the Burundian information channel Net Press (l'Agence Burundaise d'information Net Press). The link to Net Press's HIstory pages is the table below.

3. Historical eras. The history presented summarized, but with pictures.

1 is in English, 2 and 3 in in French. You may use the pull down menu History to jump between the titles in 1 and 3. Net Press is not accessible in this menu but only through this page.

Historical overview

Historical eras:

Auteur: Tharcisse SONGORE

-Les clichés 1 à 16 ont été publiés par Collart et Célis.

-Les clichés 17 à 19 ont été publiés par J-P. Harroy.

-Le cliché 20 provient d’une collection privée.

Collected and editied by Trond G. Schjerven

Commentaries by:

Trond G. Schjerven and Desire Kathabwa

The history of Burundi presented at at Netpress: