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THIS SITE IS UNDER RECONSTRUCTION, but most of the pages is in order.



What sort of web site is this? This is a site with special focus on travel and pictures.

I will sometimes, in My Blog, write a about the places I have visited or other travel related subjects, but I might also write about other things on my mind.


Below is a link to a special linkpage. Norwegan Links will probably only make sense to Norwegians, since it links to different Norwegian business or official government pages.

Picture albums


Beside Photography playing Jazz on a bass is a great hobby of mine.

I have played with different musicians in Norway and China. Longest steady period with one band was with Per Høglend Septett. And In 1997, this band gave 11 conserts i Beijing, China, under the strange name: NORWEGIAN PSYCHIATRIC SOCIETY ORCHESTRA

Travel phontos.

Take a look. You might find a place you like.

Special experiances

Burundi - Project NDERAGAKURA

In the period 1998 to 2001 did the Norwegian Refugee Council support the rehabilitation and modernizeing  of Radio Scolaire in Bujumbura, Burundi. Here you may read more about Radio Scolair and the project.

Burundi - History pages

During my stay in Burundi I tried to learn about the history of this small country in the middle of Africa. I collected some historical information that is shown in the History pages.

I will try to follow up the History pages with updated information. But at the moment this is difficult due to the special situation with a president that don't want to give up his chair, conflicting information from the government and what's on Twitter, in the internationall news and other internet sites. Local news desks are cautious since journalists has been arrested, and ordinary people are afraid of chattering to much about what's going on.


Travel-Log Yangshou:

This picture is from a part of Li River near Yangshou, Guangxi, China.

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